The B2B Alcohol Marketplace

Vinocount is the one stop shop for buying and selling alcohol products.

Features For Bars & Restaurants

Our system makes it simple to order alcohol products for your business, manage invoices and improve operations.
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Browse Suppliers

See all suppliers in your region and the products they currently have for sale. Look for new suppliers in your region or new products that your clients will love.

Order New Products

Submit orders to suppliers with all the information you need to get items in your bar when you need them. Suppliers will evaluate and approve your order then deliver.

Manage Payments & Invoices

Pay within the system, monitor your order's progress and download all invoices at anytime.

Track Inventory & Waste

Use the additional bar inventory and waste features to reduce the time it takes to count stock by 90% and save up to 25% on product waste.

“Streamlining my orders on one platform makes it easy to get everything I need to make my menu pop.”
Hannah Legrow
Bar Tap

Features For Breweries & Distilleries

We make it easy for you to receive and track all your orders from existing clients and have powerful features for getting new clients, all in one place.
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Manage All Current Products

Easily add all of your current products, pricing information and details. Archive seasonal items. Promote products on the Vinocount marketplace.

Review And Accept Orders

Receive orders from your current and new clients. Review orders for accuracy, make any required edits and confirm with the client.

Manage Payments & Invoices

Get paid through the application or offline. Review all of your invoices in one place and connect with your favourite accounting system,

Sales Email Template Generator

Use the email template system to connect with clients tell them about new products, weekly listings or last change items.

“Couldn’t be happier, getting our clients orders in one place as significantly improved efficiency.”
Robert Berringer
“Generating new clients is easy. We are pulling orders from 3-5 new locations weekly.”
Sanjit Bajaj
“If you manage an ever changing product list this is the tool to tell your clients about your offerings.”
Andrew Benson

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