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Order from your existing & new alcohol suppliers.

The Vinocount marketplace lets you easily use one portal to order from micro breweries, distilleries and distributors in your region.
Browse All Supliers

See what products are available in your region from your existing and new suppliers. See seasonal and last chance items.

Send & Track Orders

Generate orders with suppliers, monitor their status and complete payments all in one place.

Reconcile Invoice

Manage all of your invoices together making end of the month accounting a breeze.

What we offer

Vinocount is a full featured system that lets you use one system for all of your orders. Whether you are looking to improve your ordering process, find new suppliers or stock up on seasonal products, we have you covered.

Supplier Marketplace

See all the suppliers in your region and all the products they currently have to offer. You'll get all the details you need to make sure you get the product you want when you want it!

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Generate Orders

Send orders to any supplier you want with just a few clicks. Select the items you need and submit your order.

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Review All Orders

See your entire order history, monitor any revisions from suppliers, view due payments and download all invoices.

  • View Order Status
  • Chat With Suppliers
  • Make Payments
  • Download Invoices
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Inventory Features

Vinocount also offers a full suite of inventory and waste management features that make it easy for you to handle all aspects of your back of house operations.
Make inventory counts a breeze

Stop dreading inventory day by counting using our slider system or the Vinocount bluetooth scale. You'll get accuracy down the a point of an ounce and reduce count time by 90%.

  • Inventory Scanning
  • Bottle Slider
  • Bluetooth Scale
  • Circle Count
Inventory Transfers

Setup multiple inventory locations to track product by bar and easily complete internal transfers from location to location.

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Infinitely adaptable
Use the additional Vinocount functionality to accept orders from suppliers with one click, manage employee timecards and edit information on your items.

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  • Inventory Counting (iOS & Android)
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Bluetooth Liquor Scale ($50/month)

Use our bluetooth scale to make counting inventory a breeze. Just lay your open bottles on the scale and our app will tell you exactly how much product is left.

Keg Scale ($50/month)

Tracking kegs down to the ounce is easy with our bluetooth scale. Place the keg on the scale, type the pounds into our app and let it calculate remaining ounces.

POS Integration ($100/month)

Connect your POS to make tracking overpours and profitability simple. We connect with most major POS systems. Reduce your waste by up to 25%.

Inventory Locations ($50/month/location)

Setup separate inventory locations to track waste per serving station and make inventory counting quicker.

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“Vinocount lets our whole team know what is going on with our orders which immensely reduces confusion.”
Tom Power
Club Crate
"Getting an idea of all the IPA's in our region makes it easy to keep our menu fresh."
Shannon Tobbin
Henry's Place
“We're now doing inventory at speeds we never before thought possible.”
Eric Hatcher
Lot 6

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