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How Instagram has Changed the Restaurant Game

Jordan White

Introduction to article

Social Media Marketing can make a huge difference to a businesses B2C campaigns. For restaurants, Instagram is one of the best tools to take advantage of. Food is such an important part of people’s lives that (when done correctly) can be represented in beautiful photographs. Social media is all about selling an experience.  You can use your Instagram account to post pictures of food, decor, events, and even staff members.

With well over 500 million daily users, Instagram is mainly about putting eye catching pictures out there to get people’s attention. So, here is a list of the best ways to use Instagram for SMM!

1. Introducing New Food to the Menu

Taking a picture of a new item on the menu can be a great way of gaining popularity and getting people to try it. People may not always notice when a new item appears on a restaurant menu unless they go there pretty often. If you take advantage of IG, you can advertise your new items using images to entice people to come in and try it.

2. Get Customers to Instagram Pics from your Restaurant

Instagramers usually do this anyways to get more traffic on their personal accounts. Getting people to use a certain hashtag or in their posts or to tag your restaurant in the image, can make it easier for you to keep track of the posts and to get involved with customers online. Regramming pictures that customers have taken of their food in your restaurant is saving you the time of having to take the pictures yourself, and is showing that customers have a positive reaction to you.

3. Advertising Sales and Promotions

Instagram business accounts have the wonderful aid of Instagram promotions. For a small price, you can pay for people to see ads for your restaurant. Another great way to advertise on IG is to run contests. Getting people to follow you and like your posts for a chance to win a gift card or a free meal is a sure way to get attention online.

4.  Gaining New Customers

When people see a picture of delicious looking food, or even a great atmosphere, it makes them want to be there and try it for themselves. Thousands of people can be reached in minutes by posting a photo online. When people drive by your restaurant, they don’t get to see what it actually looks like inside or what your food is like. Instagram is a the perfect way to gain new customers. Showing off images of the inside of your restaurant, along with photos of your food, will get more people to give you a try.

5. Behind the Scenes Shots

One of the trending photo topics today is behind the scenes shots! Whether it’s behind the scenes of a photo shoot, movie, or making food, people really enjoy getting to see something they don’t normally get to see. Either food in the oven, a short video of preparing food, or the staff, these types of posts always get lots of attention from customers on IG.

If you’re a restaurant who’s not on Instagram, it’s time to get on board! Accounts are easy to set up and you can gain s much attention by occasionally posting some pictures and videos.

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