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Restaurant Startup Tips

Duncan Wallace

The restaurant scene is very diverse, while it may seem as though it is impossible to break into, that isn’t true. New entries into the restaurant business can be very successful, however you  just have to know how to get started. Here are some tips for new restaurant startups to follow to enter the market with a bang.

Writing a Business Plan

It is important to map out the plan for your restaurant before start putting things into action. In order for your restaurant to succeed, it would be very beneficial to complete a business plan that encompasses all of the ideas you have for your business.

A business plan is a great place to set out your target market, food style, and atmosphere of the restaurant that you want to achieve.  Aside from the aesthetics, a business plan will also allow you to figure out budget and other cost related factors before you dive in.

The plan should include market research, financial information, as well as a detailed marketing plan. Know exactly how you want to position your new restaurant and how you want you target audience to perceive you. It is important to keep up with the community to stay up to date on the market and the competition. You should participate in community events that pertain to your business and think about joining your local business association.


The physical location of your restaurant may be a crucial aspect as to whether your business will succeed. The most important points to remember when choosing a location are visibility, parking, and accessibility. Make sure customers can clearly find your restaurant and know exactly where to enter the building. You don’t want customer getting confused before they even enter, that may turn them away from actually going inside if it is too difficult to find. Also make sure you have plenty of parking. There’s nothing worse then not being able to park at the restaurant you wanted to go to. If the restaurant is large, make sure you have enough parking available for customers. Make sure your restaurant is accessible as well. You don’t want to be located in an area with little to no traffic that is completely out of the way for anyone who wants to go there. You have to make sure you are placed in a location that is in a rime traffic area.


A menu can change over time or even change with the seasons. When you first roll out your new restaurant you want to make sure that the menu is engaging to the customers and the type of foods you prepare are matching with the theme you are trying to portray.

Try to avoid hard to read fonts and overly descriptive language. When pricing your food, you want to make sure you are making enough money to profit, while also making your menu options affordable.

Keep your menu up-to-date with special promotions and special occasion options. promoting a certain item that is only available around valentine’s day, Christmas, or mother;s day will help bring people to your restaurant during those times to try an item that they may not otherwise get to try.

Hiring Staff

Make sure you hire the best people for the job. You want to make sure you can rely on your staff to keep the restaurant running smoothly in all areas. One of the most important positions to staff is the bar. You should be selective in who you choose to tend the bar. A good bartender should know how to pour drinks by memory, and has to be great with customer service. It is important as a bartender to know who wants to chat and who just wants a drink. They have to be easy going when speaking to customers but also has to be able to keep the bar running smoothly and keep up with the fast pace of a restaurant.

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